Top 2023 Summer Festivals Worldwide: Music, Art & More

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Top 2023 Summer Festivals Worldwide: Music, Art & More
It’s almost festival summer season, and I’m ready! Are you really into the scene if you’re not jumping on a plane to a festival this season? Find out where you should plan to party this summer…

I can’t name anything that compares to a festival in the summertime. The warm breeze brushing past your skin, the refreshing drinks to keep you cool, the creative and somewhat questionable festival fits

Summer festivals boast it all, with music, dance, art, and creativity at the beating heart of every event. And if you’re a festival lover like me, you’re just waiting for the chance to get out and enjoy!

Around the globe, tens of thousands of festivals take place every summer. Whether you want to taste the flavors at a food festival or dance your heart out at a music festival, there sure is a lot on offer in 2023. 

From Tomorrowland and Burning Man to Lollapalooza and Notting Hill Carnival, I’m giving you my list of top summer festivals. Trust me, if I could visit them all, I would!

A quick reminder that to fully enjoy your summer festival of choice, it’s essential to be on top of packing for the festival season.

12 of the Hottest Summer Festivals in 2023

Maybe we’ll run into each other at one of these party destinations this summer...

12. Glastonbury Festival, England 

Having earned its title as one of the globe’s most famous music festivals, Glastonbury Festival pops off every year in June. Hop on over to Somerset, England, and you’ll be able to enjoy a lineup of sensational artists like Beyoncé and Coldplay. 

With a wealth of different music genres, your ears will enjoy everything from pop and electronic to rock and roll music. Talk about keeping everyone happy! 

Grab all your different friends—their favorite music genre won’t matter! Glastonbury Festival is the event you want to put on your calendar.

Crowd at Pyramid stage
Image Courtesy of BBC

11. Lollapalooza, United States 

Crowning Chicago, Illinois, the Lollapalooza festival flaunts a fantastic music lineup. Every August, this ever-popular festival combines art installations, food vendors, and various activities to provide an immersive event. 

With a range of international artists and up-and-coming bands, this summer festival will fascinate you and your festival-loving friends with a great mix of entertainment.

If you’re traveling to the United States this summer, add the top-rated Lollapalooza to your bucket list! 

Save this ultimate guide to Lollapalooza Music Festival for your upcoming adventure. It’s got everything you need on how to get there, how to buy tickets, accommodation, and more. You’ll be set for success! 

David Shaw of The Revivalists performs at Lollapalooza 2019
Image Courtesy of NPR

10. Roskilde Festival, Denmark 

Dating back to the early 70s, Roskilde Festival is one of Denmark’s oldest-running music festivals. Taking place in the heat of July, this summer festival hosts a diverse lineup of local and international artists. 

What makes it one of the most notable summer festivals? You’ll love Roskilde’s sublime art installations, workshops, and other activities. This Danish festival is a stellar choice if you like to get creative or enjoy immersive art displays. 

Crowd At The Roskilde Festivals Main stage
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

9. Running of the Bulls, Spain   

Straddling the heart of Pamplona in Spain, the Running of the Bulls is a traditional event well-known worldwide. Locally referred to as the San Fermin Festival, this thrilling event will give you a chance to quite literally run with or run from the bulls in the streets of the city. 

In the scorching heat of Spain’s July, the Running of the Bulls is controversial and not necessarily for everyone.

There are obvious safety concerns, so if you’re planning on visiting Spain for this summer festival, make sure you do your research beforehand. 

Participants run ahead of bulls during the “encierro” (bull run)
Image Courtesy of FOX 7 Austin

8. Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland  

Nestled in Edinburgh, Scotland, this is the globe’s biggest arts festival. Every August, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival boasts thousands of international artists, performers, actors, musicians, comedians, and shows. 

With family-friendly comedy, riveting dance performances, and everything else in between, this is a stellar summer festival to keep the whole crowd happy. If you’re traveling with friends to Scotland, don’t miss this top-rated festival!

Here are some great tips on where to stay while you’re in Edinburgh as well.

Performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Image Courtesy of Time Out

7. Notting Hill Carnival, England  

Notting Hill Carnival is one of the more unusual annual summer festivals that pops off every year in August. This is one of the world’s biggest street festivals, and you can’t miss it if you’re traveling to England in August. 

This summer festival is a must-see featuring flourishing Caribbean culture, lively parades, colorful costumes, pumping music, and mouth-watering food stalls. You’ll see why Notting Hill Carnival has made such a name for itself—there really is nothing else like it! 

Notting Hill Carnival Parade
Image Courtesy of NME

6. Vancouver Fringe Festival, Canada

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is held on Canada’s Granville Island every mid-September. Along with other venues dotted around the city, this summer festival boasts theatre, dance, and music acts that are sure to delight.

Whether you enjoy outrageous comedy or live jazz performances, this summer festival flaunts the entire spectrum. Check out this in-depth review of the Vancouver Fringe Festival for all the information on tickets, times, and more! 

The Vancouver Fringe Festival
Image Courtesy of News 1130

5. La Tomatina, Spain 

Every August, the La Tomatina festival takes place in the beating heart of Buñol, Spain. This unique summer festival features thousands of tomatoes. The aim? To throw as many tomatoes at others in the streets. It’s kind of like tomato wars! 

The messy, fun-loving event attracts travelers from all over the globe. So, if you’re looking for a non-typical summer festival to sprinkle into your European itinerary, La Tomatina is a great choice. 

La Tomatina Festival, Spain
Image Courtesy of On His Own Trip

4. Sziget Festival, Budapest 

If you’re traveling to Europe this summer, you won’t regret squeezing the Sziget Festival into your itinerary. Setting the scene on an island in northern Budapest, Sziget Festival boasts a spectacular lineup of artists. 

Whether you’re brave enough to purchase a 6-day pass or you just want a slice of the pie with a 1-day ticket, there are a variety of options available. Plus, you can even camp at Sziget with your friends!

Before finalizing your trip, check out our Sziget Festival guide for all the tips to plan your festivities. 

Crowd at the Sziget Festival
Image Courtesy of Nomago InterCity

3. Burning Man Festival 

From ingenious art displays, creative party vehicles, eye-catching costumes, and much more, Burning Man Festival offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This non-traditional summer festival is pinned on the principles that are ingrained in its spirit. 

Set in the dust of the Black Rock Desert, this nine-day hot spot is the perfect way to end your summer. If you’re wondering how to get to Burning Man and how to buy tickets, find out everything you need to know in this Burning Man guide

Burning Man Festival
Image Courtesy of Dezeen

2. MELT Festival, Germany 

Taking place in the height of June, this summer festival lasts an entire weekend. Located on the outskirts of Ferropolis in Germany, the MELT Festival is an open-air paradise perfectly tailored to electronic music lovers. 

This vibrant summer festival features famous artists like Nina Kraviz, A$ap Rocky, and many others. Sitting next to a lake, MELT combines partying, swimming, and sublime scenery into one big exciting event. They even offer glamping options, perfect for traveling with a big group of friends. 

Read all about how to get there, when to buy tickets, and where to stay in this MELT Festival guide

Melt Festival In Germany
Image Courtesy of Maximal Trips

1. Tomorrowland, Belgium 

Coined as one of the globe’s biggest music festivals, Tomorrowland has made a legendary name for itself. Taking place in the beautiful region of Flanders in Belgium, this summer festival is a must-see!

Tomorrowland is easily one of the top electronic music festivals on the planet. 

Considering the big-name lineup, tickets are great value for money. At around the $200 mark, you can enjoy a full day of partying your pants off. If you’re a real enthusiast, you can kick it up a notch to the multi-day packs that go for around $300 - $500.

Save our comprehensive Tomorrowland guide to get the inside scoop on pricing and more.

Crowd at Tomorrowland main stage
Image Courtesy of Tomorrowland

Festive Fun, Here We Come! 

Whether you’re jet-setting off to Germany, Belgium, or the United States, traveling to a summer festival involves a little planning. Build a fun itinerary with your friends and start planning with Pilot today! 

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