prAna Clothing Review: Is it the best travel apparel in 2023? 

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prAna Clothing Review: Is it the best travel apparel in 2023? 
If you’re interested in splurging on a sustainable lifestyle clothing brand, then Prana apparel might be made for you. Make sure that you check out this in-depth review to discover if their clothing is worth buying in 2023! 

Prana is a stylish yet comfortable brand fit for those who love to be in nature, travel foreign lands, and venture out into the unknown. Made by a California-based company reshaping the future of fashion, Prana flaunts performance-enhancing fabrics, stylish design, and travel-friendly gear. 

After reviewing similar athletic apparel perfect for travel like Anatomie and Outdoor Voices, we're going to cover another brand and highlight the basics while helping you decide whether it's worth the price.

Prana is a brand that's making their mark in sustainability while impacting the planet positively. They claim their gear is made for adventure enthusiasts and globetrotters alike, but with so many eco-friendly brands out there, it can be hard to know whether it’s worthwhile. If you're up for dropping a bit of cash, keep reading to find out what Prana is all about, where to buy their clothes, their bestsellers, and whether this travel clothing brand is really worth all the hype. 

prana logo
Image Courtesy of Prana

What is prAna clothing? 

Based in North America, PrAna is an ethical brand creating minimalist, functional pieces made for movement. Offering tops, shirts, pants, and a whole lot more, their clothes are ideal for traveling, yoga, rock climbing, and any adventure activities. 

Sustainable Apparel

Prana is a sustainable clothing brand that makes its pieces with organic cotton, and recycled wool. Being Fair Trade Certified, the brand ensures that each animal and person involved is treated fairly in production. By having high standard eco-conscious practices, Prana delivers adventure products to environmentally-conscious shoppers. 

prana clothing
Image Courtesy of Chad Madden

Where to shop prAna

The best way to buy pieces from Prana is through their official website. You can also find some of their products on other sites like Amazon, Outter Limits, MEC, and across a few department stores too.

Return Policy

Prana’s has a fairly flexible return policy. It states that any return can be made as long as it’s within 60 days of the initial shipping date, and the item must have been purchased on the website or in one of Prana's stores. Items should be in the original packing slip too, with the receipt. 

Customer Reviews

Prana has received a lot of praise from customers online for its clothing quality and comfort amongst all products. Many reviews mention that the lightweight fabric is practical for both indoor and outdoor activities, making it perfect for adventure trips. During the hot summertime, the clothing's built-in sun protection means that wearers won't have to worry about getting burnt on bright sunny days.

The majority of reviews say that their products are true to size, so you don’t have to worry about carefully measuring every single inch to find the right fit. 

Some customers mentioned that the clothing's colors fade fairly quickly, lessening their chances of wanting to purchase more items. Others also made comments about the men’s pants zippers being too small, so it's not really the best option for taller guys. 

prAna's Bestsellers 

Next, let's review some of Prana's best sellers for both men and women!

Women’s Top Picks

Momento Crop Top 

Price: $59.00 

Prana's Momento Crop Top is a shirt with stretchy material that is suitable for everything from a yoga session to a hike in the forest. It has soft, ultralight fabric that is moisture-wicking and Fair Trade Certified. It's a reversible piece so you get two tops in one and can save some space in your luggage! 

momento crop top prana
Image Courtesy of Prana Clothing

Fernie Beach Pant 

Price: $79.00 

Fernie Beach Pant is Prana's wide-leg pant that is the perfect fit for any outdoor activity. Whether you’re heading off to the beach or embarking on a jungle safari, these lightweight pants are both flattering and comfortable. Made from 100% responsible fibers, there are hand pockets and a drawcord too, making things all the more practical. 

prana clothing fernie beach pant
Image Courtesy of Prana Clothing 

Men’s Top Picks 

Garvan Long Sleeve Shirt 

Price: $79.00

The Garvan Long Sleeve Shirt is a staple for any traveler’s wardrobe. Made with UV protection, stretchy material, and a stylish touch, this long-sleeve shirt can be dressed up or dressed down. With hidden pockets and subtle features, we recommend this top since it is super practical for traveling. 

garvan long sleeve shirt prana
Image Courtesy of Prana Clothing 

Slope Short 

Price: $69.00 

The Slope Short are the ultimate pair of shorts for any summertime fun. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or having a sweaty workout session, the breathable fabric and quick-dry material make it an ideal item for your wardrobe! 

prana slope short
Image Courtesy of Prana Clothing 

How to take care of prAna Apparel 

As with most sustainable brands, it’s recommended that you wear your clothes as many times as possible before washing them. Not only is this an environmentally-friendly practice, but it will also help prolong the lifespan of your items. Be sure you’re washing each Prana piece with cold water, before laying them out on a flat surface to dry. If you follow this technique, you can avoid any unwanted stretching! 

Image Courtesy of Jared Rice 

Benefits & Drawbacks of prAna 

Prana is a brand offering top-quality clothing. Fit for outdoor activities, the wide range of clothing offers strong sun protection, versatility, comfort, and style. Along with Prana’s flexible return policy, there’s also no minimum order requirement to score free shipping. 

A major drawback of Prana Clothing is that it sits on the higher end of the price scale so if you’re on a budget, then this might not be the best option for you. Also, if you’re looking for some unique clothing to wear on your next trip, you probably won’t find it here since Prana makes limited, simple pieces. And although Prana prides itself on sustainability, the fact that some of its products are made in China doesn’t exactly match what the brand stands for.

prana apparel
Image Courtesy of Matheus Ferrero

Is prAna worth it?

The simple answer is yes, Prana is a great choice if you’re a lover of hiking, nature, yoga, or adventure.

Their clothing range is both functional and practical with a minimalist design. But, not all their products live up to 100% sustainability. Prana is involved in Chinese manufacturing so purchasing their products might not align with your ethics. 

Our Rating: 3.6/5


  • High-quality, eco-friendly gear 
  • Simple, minimalist style 
  • Sun protection properties 
  • Fair Trade Certified clothing 
  • Free shipping (with no minimum spend) 
  • Flexible return policy 


  • Expensive price tags 
  • Limited designs available
  • Some of the products are made in China 

Plan with Pilot

If you’re an adventure lover and environment enthusiast, then Prana Clothing is the right choice for you. With a wide variety of practical and comfortable pieces, you can focus on your travels. If you’re planning your next big trip, check out Pilot! 

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