50 Easy Appetizer Recipes

These easy appetizers will be a hit at your next party! They include delicious dips, fun finger foods, and other crowd-pleasing snacks that guests will love.

All our best appetizers, all in one place! If you’re hosting a party or looking for a dish to bring to one, I promise—these easy appetizer recipes will not disappoint. They range from indulgent dips to bite-sized finger foods, gorgeous snack boards, and baked treats. These appetizers are the nibbles and bites that I love to serve when I’m entertaining. They’re simple to make (and often make ahead) and easy to serve (bonus points if you don’t need utensils!). But most importantly, they’re fun and delicious. They keep the prep straightforward for you while delivering big, bold flavors for guests.…


21 Best Cabbage Recipes

Have a hunk of cabbage you need to use up? Put it to work in these delicious cabbage recipes! They include simple sides, slaws, sandwiches, and more.

Choosing to make a cabbage recipe can feel like a commitment. You’re going to buy a whole entire cabbage in order to add a tiny bit of it to some tacos? What on earth are you going to do with the rest?! My hope is that the cabbage recipes below offer an answer to that question. There are SO MANY ways to cook cabbage—this humble veggie is nothing if not versatile. It can complete a sandwich with a pop of color and crunch. It can transform into a crisp, refreshing slaw or a silky, sweet sauté. You can add it to soup or…


50 Best Vegetarian Recipes

Find our best vegetarian recipes below! Ranging from hearty veggie burgers to healthy grain bowls, they're easy, flavorful meals that everyone will love.

If you want to find vegetarian recipes, you’re in the right place! ALL the recipes on Love & Lemons are vegetarian, and after 10+ years of blogging, I have hundreds of easy vegetarian meals on the site. To get you started, I’ve rounded up 50 of my most popular vegetarian recipes. They include meatless classics like vegetarian lasagna and hearty vegetarian chili, protein-packed veggie burgers, healthy grain bowls, easy comfort foods, and more. Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian looking to refresh your dinner rotation or you’re experimenting with vegan or vegetarian meals for the first time, you’re sure to find something…


50 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Whether you're seeking classic Thanksgiving recipes or something totally new, you're sure to love one (or more!) of these 50 Thanksgiving side dishes.

Roast turkey and pumpkin pie may have permanent spots on your Thanksgiving menu, but if you’re anything like me, you like to throw new Thanksgiving side dishes into the mix every now and again. If you’re looking for new Thanksgiving recipes, read on to find over 50 of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes. With ideas ranging from classics like mashed potatoes and green bean casserole to inventive stuffings and soups, you’re sure to find a dish (or two!) you’ll love. Classic Casserole and Stuffing Thanksgiving Recipes If you want a classic Thanksgiving menu, these side dishes belong on your table.…


35 Best Soup Recipes

If there's one thing I love about cold weather, it's soup! Read on to find over 30 easy soup recipes I'll be making all fall and winter long.

Soup season is here! There’s a lot to love about fall – beautiful weather, changing leaves, cozy baked goods, and hot drinks – but the soup recipes are hands down my favorite part. I adore soup. I love making it, I love eating it, and I love packing up the leftovers so that I can enjoy it again the next day. When I’m stressed, I turn to soup because I find it meditative to cook. When I’m snowed in, I turn to it because I keep a stash stored away in my freezer. And when I’m in need of a…


15 Easy Eggplant Recipes

Even eggplant skeptics will fall for these 15 tasty eggplant recipes! With tacos, pasta, salads, and more, they include something for everyone.

Of all the vegetable recipes I post, eggplant recipes are the most divisive. Early on, this surprised me, because eggplant recipes have always been some of my favorite foods to eat. As a kid, I never wanted to stop playing at dinnertime, except when my mom was making eggplant Parmesan. And when I started to explore vegetarian cooking on my own, grilled eggplant was one of the first dishes I mastered. But if I’ve learned one thing through writing Love and Lemons, it’s that not everyone likes eggplant. I’ve heard it called spongy, bitter, and bland, and to that I…


50 Fresh Tomato Recipes

Show off your peak-season tomatoes in these fresh tomato recipes! We've got salads, soups, pasta, and more—you're bound to find something you love.

Fresh tomato recipes go on repeat in our house every summer. In the dead of winter, there’s nothing I crave more than a summer tomato—sweet, juicy, and ripe. The out-of-season supermarket ones can’t compare, so when summer rolls around, I only have a few months to make every tomato salad, sandwich, pasta, and pizza I’ve imagined throughout the year. When I made my grocery list this morning, I added cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and tomatoes on the vine. We have lots of tomato recipes on tap this week. 🙂 I hope you’re also cooking with tomatoes like crazy right now, while…


30 Best Zucchini Recipes

Not sure how to use all that summer squash? These easy zucchini recipes are here to help! They include tasty ideas for dinner, dessert, and more.

It’s zucchini season! Bring on the zucchini recipes! Partway through July every summer, I start to feel like I’ve cooked all the zucchini recipes out there. I’ve made zucchini bread and zucchini fritters, grilled zucchini and baked zucchini chips. This week, I looked at my market haul of summer squash and asked, “What next?”. If you’re in a similar spot right now, I have good news: zucchini is one versatile veggie. It tastes fantastic in pastas, tacos, salads, and even chocolate cake! You can grill it, bake it, sauté it, and also eat it raw. We might feel like we’ve…


51 Best Salad Recipes

A big, bountiful salad is the best way to celebrate delicious seasonal produce! Here are 51 stunning salad recipes I love to make again and again.

Salad recipes are my favorite way to showcase vibrant, in-season produce—fruits and veggies that taste so good on their own that it doesn’t take much to make them into a delicious meal. On cold winter nights, I like to brighten up our table with a colorful mix of root veggies and hearty greens. On beautiful, warm days when I’d rather be outside than in the kitchen, summer salads are the perfect lunch or dinner: they’re simple to toss together, but they’re super flavorful nonetheless. Whether you want to add more plant-based meals to your diet or are simply looking to…


21 Asparagus Recipes to Make This Spring

Celebrate spring with our best asparagus recipes! Fresh, bright, and easy to make, they include pastas, risottos, salads, side dishes, and more.

I start daydreaming about asparagus recipes as soon as I notice the first signs of spring. If I see daffodils shooting up in front of a neighbor’s house, I crave an asparagus frittata. If I glimpse green buds forming on a tree, I want a bowl of asparagus soup. And if the temperature rises above 60°F, I’m already at the grocery store getting the ingredients for pasta primavera. What can I say? After a long winter filled with root veggies and squash, asparagus recipes are an exciting change. They’re fresh, bright, and often quick to prepare—the beginning of the easy,…


60 Easy Dinner Ideas

Wondering what to make for dinner? You're in the right place! Below, you'll find easy dinner ideas to satisfy any craving. Think tacos, pasta, and more!

Do you ever have nights when you just don’t know what to make for dinner? When you run through a mental list of easy dinner ideas, but nothing sounds good? If you do, you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll find 60 healthy dinner recipes that are perfect for busy weeknights. Each one is quick and easy to make, but it still packs a punch of flavor. Think roasted veggie tacos with a creamy, zesty sauce. Imagine luxurious baked feta and a comforting pasta ready in under 30 minutes. You’ll find all that and more among the easy dinner ideas…

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